La Petite Mort

Three men, three women. They smell their scent and feel the sparkling in the air. Nine relationships, encounters, falling in love and loving each other. Driven by desire they are searching whom they could belong to but also who they really are. Different forms of love presented in form of a poetic theatre which combines subtle poetic style of a dancer Adela Laštovková Stodolová to original directing style of The SKUTR.

Six people are looking for the ideal partner.



Choreography and Direction: Adéla Laštovková Stodolová
Dramaturgy: Martin Kukučka
Cast: Adéla Laštovková Stodolová, Pavla Beretová/ Hana Vágnerová/ Barbora Mošnová, Zuzana Stavná/ Hana Vágnerová, Jakub Gottwald, Jan Meduna/ Petr Vančura, Petr Vaněk/ Petr Vršek
Composer: Petr Kaláb
Designer: Jan Polívka

fotogalerie - Malá smrt